First Integrity Title Company Charity Poker Tournament

Denver Rescue Mission is a wonderful non profit that helps the homeless community in and around the Denver Metro Area. Each year First Integrity is proud to raise money for this wonderful cause with their charity poker tournament. In 2017 we raised nearly $8,000 and this year we hope to raise even more. This project always starts with a unique brand for that year's event.

I started with the icon on the front of the brochure, to convey a fun and giving message and also incorporating elements of a playing card to continue the poker theme. From there it was flushing out the invitation and sponsorship tiers. We strive to make sure our sponsors are independently recognized for their amazing contributions.

After creating the invitation brochure, I made the Sponsor Reserved cards which would go on each table for the designated sponsors. Then the Reserved Cards for individual seats. Finally the general Thank You cards which would be placed at random throughout the event, which also included our social media on the back. At the last minute, I created a quick video animation to play on the TVs at the venue to also highlight not only our sponsors, but our wonderful photographer and caterers.