Personal Branding

When I started designing my own branding, I wanted to pull from sources that not only inspire me as a designer but provide a great deal of passion for other parts of my life. The inspiration for my brandmark was pulled from the game Horizon Zero Dawn, specifically Sun King Avad. His character wears a specific headpiece that I used as the primary source of inspiration for the mark overall. Although there were other elements from the game that I tried to explore, I kept coming back to the same six sided shape with some circuit inspired interior.

After settling on the simple brandmark, I moved onto type and color. I went through several color variations, ranging from the more muted to the almost neon. Ultimately I settled on a coral and navy combination that I found to be both striking and timeless.

As for type treatments, I only went through two iterations before settling on the most final option. I played with capitalized versus lower case and thick versus thin. In the end I found a unique typeface that I felt complimented my brandmark and kept in the almost sci fi theme I had ended up with. I am very proud of how it turned out and feel it represent me quite well.